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module 1

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a taught course for riding a moped or motorcycle on the road. The training makes sure you can ride safely and competently on your own while you practise for your full moped or motorcycle. [link to Full Motorcycle License page]


It is the first stage for most people becoming riders. The course usually takes 1 day and includes at least 2 hours of on-road riding.


CBT is not a test that you pass or fail, it is a taught course. Certification is carried out by a qualified instructor, David Cox, who assists you throughout your training aiding you to improve your riding skills.

There are 5 parts to the course:

  • introduction and eyesight check

  • on-site training

  • on-site riding

  • on-road training

  • on-road riding


After you’ve completed CBT, you can ride a:

  • moped if you’re 16 or over

  • motorcycle up to 125cc and with a power output of up to 11kW if you’re 17 or over


You must use L plates (L or D plates in Wales).


Source: GOV.UK

module 2

Anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle or moped on the road in the UK.


You will need to hold a provisional driving license or full driving licence.


There are some exemptions, please see the government website for more information:

what will I learn on the CBT?

Usually a 1 day course, lasting between 6-8 hours. The training includes at least a 2 hour road ride.


Introduction and eye test

Motorcycle theory; controls & maintenance

Off road riding; learning to steer, balance, stop and start

Road theory; rules of the road and how to ride safely

On road riding; at least 2 hours riding on the road with your instructor

CBT requirements

Please bring with you:

  • UK driving, provisional or EU license with *UK counterpart license number

  • Wear suitable clothing; unripped heavy denim jeans and boots

  • National Insurance number


Be able to:

  • Read a registration plate from 20 meters

  • Speak and understand English

  • Hold some knowledge of the highway code


*If you hold an EU license, you will need to complete a D9 form with UK government to obtain a UK counterpart licence number.

what is included in the CBT course?

  • Bike hire and insurance whilst riding DSK moped or motorbike

  • Helmet (if required)

  • Gloves and jacket (if required)

  • A pass certificate, should you be successful

how long does a CBT last?

With a CBT certificate you can ride on the road for up to 2 years. You need to display L plates and cannot take passengers or ride on motorways.

what can I ride after my CBT?

Upon completing your CBT you will be issued a certificate. You can then legally ride a moped or a restricted motorcycle on the roads with L plates.


If you have any questions, please contact David at


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