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Meet David

My passion for anything with an engine began in my teens.  At 13 I started to ride moto cross bikes off road and progressed onto road bikes at 16! On my moped and had some adventures! There was no compulsory bike training in those days, on my 17th birthday I was on a 250 Honda Dream, my first big bike!


On the 1st April 1980 I passed my full motorcycle licence, this consisted of an examiner standing on a street corner, whilst you just road up and down! one emergency stop, the examiner jumped out in front of me, and if you didn’t hit him you passed! No theory test, just a few questions on the highway code.  Those were the days!

Once I had gained my licence, at 18, I rode a 900cc Honda, considered the superbike of its day. Many motor bikes and years of happy road riding followed, with a few mishaps on the way.


My sons, Darryl and Ryan and daughter, Kirsteen inherited my love of engines, driving and riding, driving Go Karts from 6yrs old and starting to race competitively in the national championships at 8. They were spotted by a works factory and subsequently drove as works drivers at 8 and 11 and achieved 3rd in the championships in their respective classes.  As the Karting tailed off Ryan and me took up off road driving, both achieving instructor level including winch use, but motorbikes remained our passion. Both my sons became national 600 SuperSport racers, achieving good placements in championships. I also held a race licence and enjoyed track days with my sons. This is something we still do today, on bikes and in cars.

The years rolled by, and I found myself enjoying my riding but wanting to give something back to my community and volunteered as a Blood Biker for Service by Emergency Response Volunteers (SERV), spending many hours delivering blood to hospitals across Surrey and London. I enjoyed promoting SERV at charity events and encouraging others to join the team. Whilst doing this I achieved my Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM) qualification which I have now held for 12 Years.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey.

Instructor David
Instructor David as Blood Biker

The DSK Story

My partner Sara and daughter Kirsteen had been riding pillion for a while when they decided they wanted to ride themselves and asked me to teach them. Many hours of coaching and practising in the car park followed. It was a learning curve for me, and I learnt that even though I had been riding for over 40 years you never stop learning! 


They booked themselves for their CBT’s and struggled with the pace and expectations due to the high ratio of pupils to instructor. It didn’t feel personal or supportive of individual learning needs. This sparked an idea that I could teach in a better way in a more individualised approach, catering to everyone’s needs. This is why there will never be more than 2 pupils learning with me at any one time.

Qualifying to become an instructor is not an easy task but I enrolled onto a 3-week training programme which allowed me to take a 3-day test with DVSA to become CBT instructor, which I undertook and passed. I also achieved the DVSA Enhanced Riders Scheme instructor qualification during this period. I undertook The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) riding test, passing with Gold, their highest award.  The rest is history really, DSK was born and here I am, 47 years after I first sat on a bike, teaching and encouraging others to become competent and safe riders.


The DSK Social Group

Once you join the DSK family you are invited to join our social group where we give ongoing advice and additional help during ride outs around Surrey and Hampshire. These are always great fun and a way to gain experience and make new friends at the same time.

For DSK training does not end with your CBT or DAS or even your ERS, it continues for the rest of your riding life not only benefiting from my experience but also sharing individual experiences of the whole DSK family.


My motto is train the right way, with DSK

You will be safe in the knowledge we will be there for you whenever you need us.

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